California School Texted 717 Parents Saying Their Kids Were Missing. (They Weren't)

Dean Belcher via Getty Images

There's sending a text to the wrong person, and then there's accidentally sending a text to 717 parents saying their children are missing.


The school in question was the John Adams Elementary School on Corona, California, who sent the message to parents saying their children had gone AWOL and were not on campus - when in fact they were.

According to Western Journalism, a school employee handling their Blackboard Messaging system sent the message to the entire school rather than a closed group.

"There is an option to send messages to a filtered group…This one was sent to all parents… It was human error coupled with technology error."

However it's still not clear why the employee was sending the message in the first place, if in fact no child was missing.

The plot thickens..

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