Apple's iMessage Fix Now Makes It Easier To Switch To Android

Apple's Making It Easier To Leave The iPhone

Apple has released an iMessage tool which will stop text messages getting lost in 'Limbo' after you leave your iPhone for an Android smartphone.

The problem arises if you don't fully de-register iMessage on your iDevice before switching over to a non-Apple handset.

As such consumers have been having problems with text messages going missing, often never ending up on the their device.

The web-tool is incredibly simple, you simply enter the phone number you want to de-register, Apple then sends you a confirmation code.

Once you've entered the code into the tool then the process is complete and Apple has completely severed the connection between your iMessage account and your phone number.

The issue had arisen because Apple routes both iMessages and SMS messages through the same iMessage server, inevitably leading to SMS messages becoming coupled with your iPhone.


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