Dad Makes Premature Baby Son An 'Iron Man' Costume To 'Help Him Feel Brave'

A doting father has made a teeny 'Iron Man' costume for his premature baby son to "help him feel brave".

Collier Hart is just four months old, but has spent his entire life in hospital after he was born prematurely.

His father, Eric Hart, is a prop maker from North Carolina and made the costume for his son for Halloween: "He needed a costume that would help him feel brave... So why not Iron Man?"

The choice of costume is very fitting indeed. Tony Stark, the character who becomes Iron Man, built the costume because of his dependency on machines to survive.

"I just thought if he had a little Iron Man suit he could come home with us."

The video has captured the hearts of people around the world.

One YouTube user wrote: "God bless you and your family. He's the cutest iron man- baby ever!!!

Another commented: "I couldn't stop laughing at the cuteness! What an adorable idea. Hope he gets better soon! "

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