Facebook's News Feed Update: Be As Anti-Social As You Want

Facebook has pushed its latest -- and largest -- update to the News Feed ever, placing more emphasis on customisation by adding a 'follow' system, and letting you add and remove people's content from view.

The update now means that you can choose to see less or more of a person's Facebook activity on your News Feed, or remove it all together.

Facebook's plan is to prevent a situation where the only way you can stop seeing their updates is by removing them as a friend.

The more you customise it the more the News Feed will become a custom timeline of the content you want to see with the app showing exactly who you're following, who you've recently un-followed and who you've asked to see less content from.

Each post you see will now have more feedback options as well letting you explain to Facebook why you'd like to see either less or more of that content or of that person.