10/11/2014 14:28 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Toddler Toy Reveals Photo Of Girl Slashing Wrists

Parents have called for a princess wand aimed at toddlers to be banned because it shows an image of a young girl slitting her wrists.

The bright pink 'Evil Stick' toy, which is available in the U.S., is marketed at little girls.

The flower-shaped wand looks innocent enough until an unsuspecting parent or child pulls back foil on the flower's face – to reveal a shocking photo of a young girl wearing horror make-up and vampire teeth while slashing her wrist with a knife.

Mum Nicole Allen, who bought one for her two-year-old daughter at an Ohio store, told local news: "It's a picture of a girl slitting her wrists. I'm outraged over it."

She added: "I want to know how they think that that is suitable for a child. There was Barbie dolls on one side and baby toys on the other side, and these were right in the middle."

Another mum, Tina Musgrove said: "You don't want to think about little girls picking that up and thinking this is normal, or funny, or interesting, or any of those things."

On top of the bloody slitting of wrists, the toy also features a 'cackling' laugh, which makes it even more sinister.

Despite the objections, Amar Moustafa, who owns the Dayton store where it's on sale, said it was up to parents to decide whether it was suitable for their children.

He said: "The name on it, it says 'Evil Stick'. So from the name, if I was buying it for my kid, I would inspect it before I gave it to them."