WhatsApp At The Centre Of Nearly Half The Divorces In Italy


Italian marriages are suffering from the digital age according to new data from the Italian Association of Matrimonial Lawyers.

The organisation reports that nearly half of all adulterous divorce cases feature WhatsApp messages at their core.

Speaking to the Times, Gian Ettore Gassani, president of the association explains the effect this easy access, low responsibility service is having: “Lovers can now exchange risqué photos of themselves, and we have seen adulterers using the service to maintain three or four relationships – it’s like dynamite.”

“Social media has boosted betrayal in Italy by making it easier, first through texting, then Facebook, and now WhatsApp, which is being used widely and has encouraged the return of the Latin lover.”

This follows on from figures in 2012 from Divorce-Online UK which stated that nearly a third of all divorces in the United Kingdom used Facebook as the main source of evidence.

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