Sorry, but why is Cornwall more expensive than Corfu?
The Italian high jumper leapt into his Qatari rival's arms when they decided to split the title.
"With all the fashion designers in Italy you’d think their #Olympics outfit will come harder than this," one Twitter user joked.
Italy’s Covid-19 restrictions mean most England fans will struggle to get to the showdown with Ukraine.
One Italian official boasted the discovery will be the “talk of the world.”
Rising case numbers, fresh lockdowns and an embarrassing vaccine spat with Australia are warnings that Brits shouldn’t pack their bags just yet.
Australia's finance minister said it was "unsurprising that some countries would tear up the rule book".
Erosion along the coastline caused a landslide that utterly destroyed this seaside cemetery in northern Italy.
Gianpaolo Carciola's collection of 500 rocks is set to grow, thanks to Etna's latest eruption.
Britain is under fire for its handling of the jabs, but the rollout in some other countries has been described as a “disaster”.
Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands are among the countries that have placed restrictions on travel from the UK.
The findings of a new study “may reshape the history of pandemic", say researchers.
People returning from the country will have to self-isolate for 14 days.
Mask-wearing is now mandatory outdoors in Italy – Sage suggests this would have a "very low impact" on transmission
Grant Shapps also said he is "not aware" of a recent trip to Italy being made by the PM.
Italy's first closures since the lockdown eased are fueling fresh anti-immigrant rhetoric just as the number of migrants surges.
Masks protect others. Perhaps this is why two nations with such individualistic outlooks – the UK and the US – are finding wearing them such a struggle, Marisa Bate writes.
Having an accurate consensus on R will be crucial in the weeks to come, Kit Yates writes.
Italy plans to restart international travel on June 3, and ministers and unions urged to 'stop squabbling' over schools reopening. Here's the latest.
Across Europe, official statistics leave out thousands of people who likely died from the virus.