Samsung's 'Unofficial' Review Of The Gear S Is Literally The Worst

Samsung Tomorrow, the official global blog for Samsung, has committed its latest crime against consumer transparency by 'reviewing' the Gear S smart watch in an 'unofficial' review.


Turns out that they loved it.

The 'review' exclaims that "the UI of the Gear S is as intuitive as it gets" while also mentioning that "as much as this may sound biased, Gear S is awesome."

Despite being a company-run site, Samsung Tomorrow has been calling its reviews 'Unofficial' presumably in a vague attempt to unshackle itself from the painfully obvious point that the site is exclusively written by people who work for Samsung.

If you can overlook that though then you'll be treated to what is at best, a vague rundown of the Gear S's specs along with a few awkward looking gifs, and at worst an outright piece of advertorial content.

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