12/11/2014 12:10 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Calvin Klein Model Myla Dalbesio Addresses 'Plus-Size' Controversy

Calvin Klein's latest advert for its Perfectly Fit underwear range inadvertently caused outrage this week when 27-year-old model Myla Dalbesio was labelled "plus-size."

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Dalbesio, who is a US size 10 (UK 14), appeared on NBC's Today show to discuss the body image debate her ad has provoked.

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Myla confirms the brand never used the words "plus-size" that have since been attributed to her and explains why she is proud to be part of the campaign.

"I think that Calvin Klein has done something that is really groundbreaking," Myla tells Today. "They released this campaign with what some would say is a "normal size" model - a size 10 - and there's not a lot of spots for us to fit into in the fashion industry. They released this campaign alongside all the other girls of varying shapes and sizes and didn't make a fuss about it."

Calvin Klein

Myla also reveals she's been blown away by the positive response.

"I've been getting emails from 15-year-old girls in the middle of America saying 'thank you so much, I've never seen myself represented in this way before.'"

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Soon after the backlash against the ad started on Twitter, Calvin Klein's spokesperson was quick to state the images were "intended to communicate that our new line is more inclusive."

Myla agrees and says she feels "honoured" to be the face of the campaign.

"Life doesn't work in only extremes and true body diversity is everything and everyone - it's a range of sizes and shapes, it's not just super skinny or just larger," she adds.

Now all the body image controversy has been cleared up, let's hope more fashion brands follow Calvin Klein's lead.

Calvin Klein's Plus Size Controversy Due to Size 10 Model