Naked Guy On The Subway: 'I Wish I Could Do It All The Time'

Get Ready To See A Whole Lot More Of Naked Subway Guy

If you found the sight of a naked man slumbering on the New York subway pleasing, you’re in for a treat.

The chap in question achieved internet fame after the snap of him clad in just socks and trainers went live last week.

Now the New York Post has tracked him down and reports Ed Haines is an enthusiastic nudist who wishes he could be naked “all the time.”

Homeless Haines admitted to the newspaper he had been drunk and had no recollection of the incident until he saw himself on its cover on Saturday.

He said: “I like to be naked. It turns me on. I wish I could do it all the time. I would if I could if I wouldn’t get in trouble.”

Haines, who has also been pictured naked on a park bench, added he admired Kim Kardashian’s recent front page nudity, revealing: “I wish I could get naked like that.”

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