14/11/2014 07:33 GMT | Updated 14/11/2014 07:59 GMT

Paraplegic Groom Sgt Joey Johnson Surprises Bride Michelle By Standing For Their First Dance

This touching footage shows a paraplegic groom taking his wife by surprise by "dancing" with her on their wedding day.

Sgt Joey Johnson was left wheelchair-bound after suffering a spinal injury in a motorcycle accident in 2012, just four months after meeting his future wife Michelle.

The 27-year-old had returned to the US that year after serving in Afghanistan.

Sgt Johnson was determined to make his wife’s day unforgettable and enlisted his groomsmen to secretly create a harness, which would allow him to stand.

The footage shows him and Michelle dancing to Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years as many of their guests look on close to tears.

Jennifer Davis of LinneaLiz Photography took pictures at the wedding in Indiana in June.


Credit: LinneaLiz Photo

She told Fox News: “When Michelle walked in the whole room was quiet, she had no idea what was going on.

“She saw Joey standing and she had a giant smile on her face which quickly turned to tears. Everyone was in tears.


Credit: LinneaLiz Photo

“Joey had been planning the dance for months and having his military groomsmen literally supporting him added even more to the emotion in the room.

“The dance was a beautiful moment not only to capture but to experience.”

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