14/11/2014 11:34 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Pregnant Schoolgirl Mannequins Shock Shoppers

Pregnant schoolgirl mannequins? Pretty shocking, right? Well, that's exactly the effect two charities in Venezuela wanted them to have.

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The three mannequins are dressed in blue uniforms worn by local schoolgirls up to the age of 15.

They have bulging stomachs juxtaposed against pretty headbands and printed school rucksacks.

Two children's charities, Fundana and Construyendo Futuros, created the campaign to highlight the fact more needs to be done to improve sex education in the country to control high rates of teen pregnancies.

'Pregnant' Schoolgirl Mannequins at Mall Shock Venezuelans

According to the Daily Telegraph, the display will run for a month, and may be extended to other malls around the country.

The two charities say 23 per cent of births in Venezuela are from women under the age of 18.

The campaign comes just days after a United Nations women's rights watchdog expressed "deep concern" to Venezuela about its high level of teenage pregnancies.

The NY Post reports that reactions to the display have been mixed.

Student Kelly Hernandez, 18, expressed shock at the campaign, saying: "I think it's horrible, awful. If I was a mother, I wouldn't want my child to see that."

Her friend Auriselvia Torrealba, 20, saw the bigger picture and the reasoning behind the shock-tactic campaign, saying:"Yes, it's disturbing to see in a window. But it's the truth. You see pregnant girls all the time on the streets. So this forces you to think about the problem, doesn't it?"

Construyendo Futuros president Thalma Cohen said: "It's amazing seeing people react as they walk by. This is such a taboo subject in Venezuela, we want people to talk about it."

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