14/11/2014 12:03 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

You Have To F*Cking Eat Is The Must-Have Book For Parents Of Picky Eaters

Fans of Go The F*ck To Sleep, 2011's brutally honest take on the dark side of parenting, rejoice! Author Adam Mansbach has returned with a sequel, called You Have To F*cking Eat, just in time for Christmas!

The latest offering documents his ongoing struggles with his young daughter, Vivien, in hilarious and fashion which is sure to resonate with every parent who's ever had to deal with a tea-time tantrum.

Three years on, Vivien is aged six and has moved out of the bedtime strop phase. But has the razor-witted dad been having an easier time of it? It doesn't sound that way, judging by the contents of his latest offering, which zones in on the frustration of dealing with his picky eater.

Go The F*ck to Sleep was an international bestseller, striking a chord with sleep-deprived parents with its sardonic, honest, and occasionally desperate look at the travails of getting your toddler to bed.

The storybook-style illustrations and blackly funny, very adult words proved a winning combination - although the book was not without its detractors, some of whom condemned the project as tasteless and offensive.

You Have To F*cking Eat follows the same winning formula as Mansbach's previous book, tackling another one of the major obstacles facing parents of young children.

Even more excitingly, it has been announced that Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston will be lending his voice to the audio version of the book. Go The F*ck To Sleep was memorably narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, himself a father-of-one.

"There's been plenty of enthusiasm for a sequel over the years, but I always said I'd only do one if it rang true to me, if I felt like I could imbue it with the same kind of honesty, love and frustration as the first book," Mansbach told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"And eating is the other universal source of parental anxiety, a battle of wills just as pitched as sleep can be. From my own experiences and plenty of conversations with other parents, it seemed like a topic folks could use a laugh and a bit of catharsis about."

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