16/11/2014 06:48 GMT | Updated 16/11/2014 06:59 GMT

‘EastEnders' Spoiler: Who Killed Lucy Beale? Denise Makes A Shocking Discovery (PICS)

Denise is set for a shock in ‘EastEnders’, when she finds Lucy Beale’s phone and wallet buried at the allotments.


When Patrick is warned that he could lose his allotment, Denise agrees to help tidy it up.

eastenders denise

Denise is shocked to find Lucy's things buried in Patrick's allotment

As she begins digging, she soon unearths Lucy’s personal property.

A shocked Denise seeks advice from Masood, as she struggles to decide whether to tell Ian about her discovery.

eastenders lucy beale

Lucy's wallet

The objects were buried by Ben Mitchell and Jay, who sees Denise unearth the items. Can Ben and Jay cover their tracks in time?

While this turn of events should bring fans closer to finding out the identity of Lucy’s killer, the murderer isn’t set to be revealed until February 2015, when the soap celebrates its 30th anniversary.

eastenders jay

Jay calls Ben after spotting Denise

The anniversary week will include a live episode, during which viewers will finally find out who killed Lucy.

Tune in to ‘EastEnders’ from Monday 24 November to see the events unfold.

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