GTA 5 PS4 And Xbox One Review Round-Up: High-Definition Hijinks

GTA 5 Is A Thing Of Beauty On PS4 And Xbox One

Grand Theft Auto 5 is back, after just a year on PS3 and Xbox 360 Rockstar have managed to give the game a stunning new makeover for PS4 and Xbox One.

With GTA 5 for PS4 and Xbox One coming out on the 18 November there isn't long to wait until you get put the game through its paces.

Until then reviews are slowly trickling in and as expected, the news is good. Many are praising Rockstar's huge overhaul of the game's graphics including the stunning weather effects and individual car and landscape updates.

There's also of course the addition of first-person mode which, at the click of a button, allows you to play the game directly through the eyes of the character you're playing as.

There have been a few reports of minor lag, but considering the sheer scale of the game and the increased graphical fidelity many of the critics appear to be in a forgiving mood.

IGN - No score

"Having played a year’s worth of open-world games since GTA 5 came along, nothing has come close to this level of detail, expansive scale, and wide-ranging diversity. Nothing has recreated the real world (or a satirical version of it, anyway) in nearly so comprehensive a way, with as much content to explore and as much freedom to do whatever you want. It is truly an amazing game to behold, even if it’s no longer as novel as it was a year ago."

Gamespot - 9/10

"Aside from a few mild frame rate issues that sometimes take the edge off its more dramatic moments, this is the definitive version of GTA V, and the bar by which all other open-world games, or indeed any game that aims for a cinematic feel, should be judged. It is beautiful, and thought-provoking, and thrilling throughout. Even if you've played through GTA V once already, it's worth going back just to be reminded of what an outstanding achievement it is."

VideoGamer - No Score

"The best version (so far) of one of last-gen's finest games, GTA 5's remaster is testament to how much difference a graphical overhaul can make, even just a year after release. Rockstar's ability to render worlds that are caricatures of real cities, yet somehow more authentic than shot-for-shot recreations, is based on details. With this HD remaster those details have been refined, expanded, and improved."

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