Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Christmas Gift Guide: The Ridiculous And The Insanely Expensive

Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Christmas Gift Guide: The Ridiculous And The Insanely Expensive

Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop gift guide is here: And you'll have to part with half of your house deposit to afford some of the items on the list.


The gift list is introduced, explaining that it is organised by category. The website says: "This year, we decided to shake things up a little bit, and organise our annual gift guide by category-after all, it's pretty easy to identify people by a love of entertaining, art, or, well, if you're like everyone at goop, their deep and unabiding affection for jewellery.

"We also went straight to the source for our kid picks, who arguably out-sophisticated us. We tried to keep as much as possible at the $100 mark (that's £64), though there are some splurges on here for your nearest and dearest. Plus, a girl can always dream."

"Splurges" is an understatement. You can take a leaf straight out of Gwyneth's diet book and splash out on an Easy Health Angel Juicer Gold for $4,739 (£3,025.) Yeah, right - a Caribbean holiday might be preferable at that price.

The Juniper Books New York City Set is $685 (£438) - for a set of books? The library is a great resource for free reading, people.

And, while we love jewellery as much as the next gal, the Juste un Clou bracelet, Cartier, $7,600 (£4,863), and the Hoorsenbuhs Gold Monogram Plate Bracelet, $6,500 (£4,159), is 'head in the clouds' stuff for everyone who doesn't have Gwyneth's bank account. Which is quite a lot of people.

The ultimate 'Err, how much?' item, however, is the Diamond Thickie Esque vase for an eye-watering $12,000 (£7,600 - pictured below). Goop describes it as an "insanely expensive case" and we have to agree that you'd have to be a little crazy to drop 12k on a vase, right?


And then there's the Chanel Chain Link Watch and Harry Winston diamond cluster ring, both so expensive they're 'Price Upon Request'. We're breaking out in a sweat just thinking about how much they would be.

To be fair (we don't just want to jump on the Gwyneth-bashing bandwagon) there are also a lot of very affordable super-cute and cool ideas on the list, too.

Lost and Found

A couple of our faves? The beautiful mint Craig Laptop Case that doubles up as a clutch bag (£57, below), pretty-as- a-picture Elizabeth W sleep masks (£14, below), a chic Il Bisonte gold leather passport holder (£65, above), and the


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