Man Pins Letter To Neighbours' Door, Begs Them To Stop Having 'Very Loud, Very Short And Very Annoying' Sex

Man Writes Letter To Neighbours Begging Them To Stop Having Loud Sex

Ever been kept awake all night while your neighbour has loud, energetic sex next door? You're not alone.

But while most of us wouldn't dare to say anything, one man decided to confront his lusty neighbours by writing an amazing letter and pinning it to their front door.

To our delight the note was uploaded to Reddit last week.

While the note is unsigned, according to Elite Daily, the author of the note is a man who lives in Sydney. HuffPost UK Lifestyle have been unable to verify this.

The note struck a chord among Reddit users, with many labeling the neighbours "inconsiderate" for having such loud sex. Others have criticised the note for being 'passive aggressive'.

What do you think of the note? Let us know in the comments below.

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