17/11/2014 04:42 GMT | Updated 17/11/2014 04:59 GMT

Ewe, Gross. Student Has Sex With Sheep In University Barn - Because He Was Stressed With Exams

Steven Parker via Getty Images

A student caught having sex with a sheep in his university's barn blamed his beastiality on being "stressed" with his exams - and even had the shear audacity to deny his guilt despite being literally caught with his pants down.

The fifth year computer engineering student from Fresno State University in California, was found in the institution's Sheep Unit with his pants down, on top of one of the animals.

Police say it appeared the 23-year-old was copulating with the sheep but the student said he was wrestling cattle - despite there being no cattle in the barn.

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According to KMPH, the student then changed his story and told officers he was stressed over his exams, and went to the sheep uni to punch the animals.

When one officer told the student he saw him holding the sheep down and having sex with it, the student finally admitted his guilt, explaining it was his first time.

After admitting to the crime, the student also asked officers "Am I going to be expelled for this?"

The student was arrested and taken to jail.

Naturally, a parody account @FresnoStSheep has been set up, with members of the public tweeting their support for the animal.