Jailed Twitter Troll Wants You To Think Before You Tweet


Jailed Twitter troll Isabella Sorley has spoken of the regret she feels after posting tweets aimed at feminist campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez.

The 23 year old has now been travelling around schools in an effort to help young people realise the consequences of their actions on the internet.

Speaking to the BBC she said: "it's pathetic that I sent them, why did I have that much anger within myself" while going on to say that she felt "embarrassed".

Graham Stuart, Chair of the Education Select Committee has been overseeing plans by the government to help educate young people of the dangers of online abuse.

"For young people now their online life isn't just some peripheral side show it's a integral part of the way they interact with their peers and an increasingly important part of how they see themselves."

The government's current laws on the subject are already set to change with the maximum sentence being increased from 6 months to up to two years in jail.

Sorley was imprisoned for sending abusive tweets to the feminist campaigner after Miss Criado-Pereze had been campaigning to have a woman appear on an English bank note.

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