YouGov Vs #GamerGate: Poll Reveals Who Gamers REALLY Are


The objectively hilarious, statistically maybe-flawed YouGov Profiles tool released this week purports to show what people who are into various brands, ideas and foods are actually like.

Clearly, the results are a little absurd.

Still, they aren't without value either. And in one area the tool has proven particularly illuminating to us here at HuffPost Tech: showing us who gamers really are.

Because while the recent GamerGate controversy has led to lots of discussion - some of it very heated - about who gamers are and whether they are 'dead' or not (spoiler: not dead!) the results indicated in this poll are much more complex than you probably expect.

What they seem to show is that gaming is more diverse - politically, and in terms of age and gender, than we've previously given it credit for.


YouGov Vs GamerGate

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