18/11/2014 14:33 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Children's Books That Beat The Gender Stereotypes

It's over 15 years since Babette Cole's Princess Smartypants burst onto the scene, with a fiercely independent princess determined to remain a Ms and to reject all her suitors.

Cole followed this with Prince Cinders, turning the traditional Cinderella story on its head, gender and all. But from toys to clothing to TV shows, we're still bombarded with message that girls are princesses, boys are pirates and that mummies stay home while daddies go to work.

Despite this, some brave children's authors have been busy subverting gender roles and ensuring not all the messages our kids come across in books buy into these stereotypes. We look at 10 of the best across all age groups.

What other gender bashing books would you recommend?

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