Introducing GloBro, A Night Time Toilet Light That Lets Guys See Where They Pee

Gone are the days of finding pee on the toilet seat, or worse, the floor.

Thanks to some genius inventive-types there now exists a GloBro, which is essentially a red light illuminating the way to a safe and successful midnight wee.

Designed with men in mind, the GloBro attaches to the underneath of the toilet seat so that once you lift the lid up, a pee pathway is lit up too.

And for those who are thinking "why on earth don't guys just turn the bathroom light on instead?" GloBro have an answer to that too.

"When you put the light on in the middle of the night, you're actually changing the chemical balance of your brain and waking yourself up in the process.

"The red light of the GloBro has an ultra long wavelength and it's mellow glow doesn't wake your brain in the same way."

Well there you have it.

[H/T Metro]