A French inventor has attempted to cross the English channel on a jet-powered hoverboard. Franky Zapata took off exactly 110 years after the first plane flew across the channel, but his endeavour was scuppered when he was knocked into the sea attempting to land on his refuelling station. Zapata says he hopes to try again soon, and also plans to add a flying car to his inventions by the end of the year.
Australia has given us some ground-breaking inventions you may not know about.
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All great inventors have hurdles to jump over. And for us, that was our first prototype, which caught fire. As well as being cost-efficient, affordable, it's fair to say our invention would have to be fireproof. So back to the drawing board.
Where would we be today without Wi-Fi? No more hotspots. No cool internet cafés. Our 'mobile' devices would be far less mobile
'The sofa gives the feeling of being alive.'
In my blogs this month I have been looking at the importance of innovation, being innovative and adopting an innovative approach. While doing my research I came across a lot of amazing British inventions- which I thought I would celebrate. I have chosen my 10 favourite inventions but there are plenty more!
There are times in life, when we all need a hug but fail to find the people who will give us one. A designer from South Korea
A group of kids had their crazy inventions brought to life thanks to a British designer who wanted to get kids believing
Initially I worked on my idea while at University. I created a prototype which wasn't perfect and wouldn't work 100% of the time. What I knew is that everyone who saw and played with it thought it was cool, different and exciting.
The job of the innovator is rarely easy. But a few of these could have been easily avoided using the simple mantra: "If it's not broken, don't fix it".