If You're In Dire Need Of Friends This Chair Will Help

'The sofa gives the feeling of being alive.'

There are times in life, when we all need a hug but fail to find the people who will give us one.

A designer from South Korea however, has created a rather comfortable alternative.

Meet the Free Hug Sofa. Yes, that is the creation's official name.

A Free Hug Sofa
A Free Hug Sofa

Lee Eun kyoung from South Korea, created the chair to long arms to like it is saying: "Come here I will hold you in my arms."

Pitching the sofa to the Design Award Competition, he said: "Because the sofa gives the feeling of being alive, it will hold you warm and soft like your mother, friend, and a lover without feeling lonely."

The arms can conveniently wraps around just about anything, something human arms would find hard to do.


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