11 People That Don't Quite Get International Men's Day

It's International Men's Day today, a day to fart, burp, be obnoxious and spout all the reasons why man is bestest.

Well no it's not actually. Not at all.

It's very much about helping to make the world a better place by challenging what it means to be "manly", highlighting positive role models and recognising the sacrifices men make for family and community.

Not that these lot would know...

Fortunately Sagger was swiftly pulled up on his ignornace.

Not all men are bad Sue...

On the other hand there's swooning, which is equally inappropriate.

We'll just about let you off for the humour...

This is simply not true.

Let's all dwell on the negatives.

Nope, you've missed the point entirely.

So let's look to the future then.

Great reasoning.

It was also World Toilet Day too. Not that anyone noticed.

And a great reminder of what it's all about comes from our very own Charlie Lindlar...

And for balance here are loads of GREAT people who totally got it.

And here's how weird it all got.