Artist To Wear Oculus Rift For A Whole Month

A UK-based artist has confirmed that he will wear Oculus Rift for 28 days, viewing another person's life as part of an experiment to see if we are who we really say we are.

Mark Farid believes that by wearing the device solidly for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week he'll temporarily lose his own identity and become the person he's watching.

The idea is that beforehand a volunteer will film a month of their life from a first person perspective. They'll then convert the recording into Oculus Rift compatible footage which Farid will be able to look around and experience.

To help get the project off the ground Farid has turned to Kickstarter asking backers for over £100,000 in order to make the experiment a reality.

While inside the other reality he'll be assisted by carers that'll help him eat, move around and of course carry out the essential tasks like going to the toilet or having a shower.

Farid is also keen to point out that this isn't a race, or a battle of endurance as the consequences can potentially be very severe.

There'll be a psychiatrist on hand at all times who'll monitor Farid's behaviour making sure he isn't 'losing his mind'.