Huge Meteor Or Secret Military Weapon? Giant Flash Lights Up Skies Of Russia

A few days ago, Russia's Sverdlovsk region was lit up by a massive flash of light in the sky leaving locals stunned.

The problem is though, no on has any idea what it was. Scientists are baffled and the Russian military is denying that it was a secret military weapon so this begs the question: what was it?


A new video has appeared which seems to show the light actually coming from the ground, suggesting that this was a massive ground explosion instead. Check it out:

Some are postulating that it could just be a giant meteor burning up in the Earth's atmosphere. This would certainly explain the duration and nature of the flash but it doesn't explain why no one from a closer or better angle was able to describe it thus.

Instead it has left locals and experts utterly stumped which is both as intriguing as it is slightly terrifying.