Mark Esper, the former defense secretary, detailed his work for ex-President Donald Trump talked to “60 Minutes” about how he tried to stop Trump’s military ideas.
Watch the transformation of these Ukrainian civilians as they take up arms against Russian invaders.
"It is time to end America’s longest war," the US president said.
Seven people have been arrested after the military boarded an oil tanker that was subject to a "suspected hijacking" by stowaways.
The Defense Department disputed the letter, which came to light a day after the Iraqi parliament voted to revoke the country’s invitation to host US troops.
The US president spoke at Madison Square Park ahead of the 100th annual Veterans Day Parade.
The royal family led the traditional ceremony in London as services took place across the nation.
Mathew Talbot, 22, was on his first operational deployment when he died.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex presented at the Endeavour Fund Awards, supporting the physical and mental recovery of injured servicemen and women. The fund was launched by The Royal Foundation, created by Prince William and Prince Harry in 2009.