9 Reasons PCs In The 1990s Were Actually Brilliant

Computers In The 1990s Were Actually Brilliant

We tend to assume nowadays that computing in the 1990s was a universally godawful experience. And in the main, that's absolutely 100% correct. Printers didn't work. Screens popped and exploded. Files came in 1.4mb chunks stored on large pieces of plastic, and yet somehow they used about twice as much electricity as machines do today.

The whole thing was a disaster. And yet, PCs in the 1990s built the internet. They invented deathmatch. They powered the first mass-market digital cameras, chat programs and email. And they ran 'Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?'

We've had a root around our video and picture archives, and found 9 unusual reasons why we think nostalgia for 1990s PCs is more valid than you might assume. Especially if you're still suffering post-traumatic memories of old school visits to PC World...

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9 Reasons PCs In The 90s Were Actually Brilliant

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