Five Thai Students Arrested For Hunger Games Salute

Five students in Thailand have been arrested by police for displaying the three-fingered salute made famous by The Hunger Games trilogy in front of the country’s prime minister.

A lawyer acting for the men, who are all Thai university students, has said they were being held and questioned by soldiers after the incident.

General Prayuth Chan-ocha was speaking at an event in the country’s Khon Kaen province.

Alongside the salute, which symbolises resistance in the wildly popular movies, the men wore t-shirts with the phrase “Don’t Want A Coup”.

Anti-coup protestors have been campaigning against Mr Chan-ocha’s administration, and the three-finger salute has become a symbol of their activism.

In June, the military threatened to arrest anyone who refused to stop doing it when challenged.

The General was chosen to be prime minister earlier this year by representatives selected by the military, following a coup against a democratically-elected government in May.

Local media reports say Chan-ocha was unruffled by the incident on Wednesday, asking: "Does anyone else want to protest?"

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