Grannies Get High And Play Cards Against Humanity

Three Grans Smoke Weed For First Time And Absolutely Love It

Weed has been legalised in Washington, USA so the folks at Cut Video did what any normal person would do. They got three OAPs to hit a bong on camera.

Paula, Dorothea and Deirdre had never smoked weed before, but they got familiar with the apparatus very quickly.

Before long they were feeling the effects and acting like regular stoners, so the masterminds behind the video decided to give the pensioners a vaporizer (which they thought was a sex toy).

The vaping leads them to a game of Cards Against Humanity, which results in a discussion over whether Hannah Montana should tackle Christopher Walken, or a bleached asshole.

As if the blazed biddies weren't already adorable enough, they started to get the munchies. Watching a doped old dame struggle to open a bag of Doritos is probably one of the best things you'll see today.


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