The US State is allowing cannabis retailers to offer a free joint to people getting their Covid jab.
With the passage of Measure 110, Oregonians took America's most significant step toward ending the 50-year war on drugs.
The patient snorted a cannabis-filled balloon before going into prison and thought he had swallowed it, doctors said.
In their largest burning of confiscated drugs to date, Panama's security forces burned 24 tonnes of cocaine and two tonnes of marijuana, in a remote area. The destroyed drugs were confiscated only in the last four months.
While its legalisation of cannabis is a progressive move, the Canadian government will introduce 'impaired driving' laws BEFORE doing any research on how to measure impairment.
Marijuana-infused foods are evolving far beyond magic muffins...
It's one of the safest of all drugs surveyed, so law reform advocates can afford to acknowledge that there are some risks to dagga use, study author says.
This clothing and lifestyle company has a pretty dank message.
Olivia Wilde is a fan.
Your restraint doesn’t stand a chance against the combination of pot and science.