The Poke Asked Readers To #ChangeOneLetterOfTheNews And It Was Fantastic

The Best Of The Poke's #ChangeOneLetterOfTheNews

The lovely people at The Poke asked their readers to change one letter of recent headlines to change a story completely, and it actually raised more questions than you'd think.

Like when will those Americans pay for their own bloody instruments?

And why can't those two just work it out?

Or when will women finally be able to feud over their breasts in public?

And how long will America have to brace this strange and disgusting weather?

At least David Cameron is finally standing up for the follically challenged.

And obviously The Poke's readers made a cheeky poo gag.

Ok, two poo gags.

And the odd fart joke.

Well played, Poke. Well played.


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