21/11/2014 17:21 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Christmas Presents For Girls Aged 8 To 11

Need gift ideas for Christmas presents for girls aged between eight and 11? Look no further - our gift guide is sure to inspire you!

The eight to 11 group can be tricky to buy for, as this marks the age where most children start to mature - but not necessarily at the same speed.

At this age, some girls are still content to play with toys, while others dismiss anything 'childish' and want to get a head start on teenage life, with fashion and beauty gifts or the latest technology at the top of their Christmas lists.

We've done our darndest to strike a balance between girls who are keen to be 'grown-up' and those who are still content to horse around. For more mature girls, educational games like Kitchen Laboratory and Screen Printing allow them to expand their minds and develop practical skills.

And for parents with concerns about letting their pre-teen girl loose with a tablet or smartphone, the Kidizoom Smart Watch makes for a perfect compromise - it lets you take and edit photos and videos, record your voice and play games, but offline for total safety.

The gifts we've chosen range in price to suit all budgets, from a pack of Frozen Top Trumps (£3.99) to pass the time on long car journeys or family nights in, to the year's hottest toy, interactive 'pet' Xeno (£79.99).

Check out the gallery below for Christmas inspiration!

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