EYEteleporter Kickstarter Wants To Change Your Perspective On The World

Have you ever wanted to see the world from the perspective of a child?

Have you ever wanted to wander around town looking like a cardboard emu with a broken neck?

Have you ever wanted to give someone a really plausible, though probably still irrational reason to push you over in the street?

Welcome to the EyeTeleporter, the best cardboard reverse periscope for hipsters to ever hit Kickstarter.

The product has been launched on the crowdfunding website looking for a mere £3,000 in funding. So far it's about halfway there, and is promising a range of "amusing proprioceptive experiences" to anyone who is prepared to part with £55 or more for a mask.

The mask itself can be worn in an up or down configuration, and can also be reversed, so walking forwards looks like you're walking backwards. It's like Oculus Rift, but very lofi. You can even get one covered in artificial fur for an extra £100.

The team says:

"Our second main goal in Kickstarter is to let our mirror explorations go further. If our Kickstarter goal is reached, we will be able to further develop our EyeTeleporter Scooter, a device that teleports your eyes to the level of your ankles and doubles your riding speed feeling. The EyeTeleporter Scooter is already great fun even in its conceptual stage, but needs more work and finance to get the most pleasure and awe of it."

Oh right, the Scooter, we didn't mention that. It's £800, plus £200 postage, and it looks like this:

If you're interested we suggest heading over to the Kickstarter page and opening your wallet. Or, you know, make one. It doesn't look that hard.