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The Anatomy Of A Perfect Cheeseboard

The most delicious way to finish off any Christmas meal? A beautifully presented cheeseboard.

When putting together a cheese plate, be sure to include a variety of textures and flavours to suit every palate - aim for three to five cheeses with different flavours, according to Sainsbury's.

Include a hard, aged cheese like cheddar as the centrepiece of your cheeseboard, as well as a camembert or brie as a creamy counterpoint to your hard cheeses.

A blue-veined cheese brings some colour and strong flavour to your platter - Blue Stilton is a popular choice for the festive season - and a goat or sheep's milk cheese like Spanish manchego is great for its rich tangy taste and for being low in lactose.

"When creating your ideal cheeseboard make sure you vary the colour, shape, strength of flavour and type of milk but keep the sizes or weights of each roughly the same," advises The Cheese Lady, Juliet Harbutt, owner of The Cheese Web.

"So avoid lots of wedges and keep added extras to a minimum – it’s a cheese board, not an excuse to empty your chutney or crackers cupboard."

"Aim for local where possible and remember the smaller the pieces the quicker they come to room temperature. White wine or cider is often a better match than red wine or Port," Harbutt says.

Click through the slideshow below for the top cheeses you need for your cheeseboard, as well as the wines to pair with them for dinner party perfection.