Homophobic 'Ass Hunters' Game Removed From Google Play After 1000s Of Downloads

This Disgusting Anti-Gay Game Actually Made It Onto Google Play

An anti-gay hunting game which made it onto the Google Play store has been removed, but not before it was downloaded 10s of thousands of times.

Called 'Ass Hunter' the sick game asks players to "kill gays as much as you can or escape between them to the next level".

The game was noticed by a reader of Gay Star News who then spoke to the paper after complaining to Google.

"In this day and age, it's hard to see a game designed with the sole intent of quite literally targeting LGBT individuals, if Google is not aware of the content of this app, they should be!"

According to the Mirror the game did receive a wave of negative reviews before being removed.

Chad Hollinghead said: "This is sickening. I have zero tolerance for hate. We the people should always promote tolerance, love and understanding.

"Vicious games, exterminating of minorities should be banned."

The fact the app actually appeared on Google's app store has led to concerns that the company may need to reassess the way it processes app submissions, possibly leading to stricter checks.

This isn't the first time an Android game has hit the headlines over its content with the 'Bomb Gaza' app causing similar outrage at being allowed through the net onto Google's app store.


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