"This whole thread is simply queerphobic, and that’s that."
Damning report from police watchdog IOPC found these are not “isolated incidents” from a “few bad apples” in the force.
Paul Harfleet hoped the need for The Pansy Project would fade with time. He's still memorialising the hate 16 years on.
Stonewall said the MP's words were "disappointing" hours after Keir Starmer was forced to apologise for visiting the same church.
Lord Maginnis abused a parliamentary security officer, then called an MP who complained about it "queer" in an interview with HuffPost UK.
Black and Asian LGBTQ+ people are uniquely disadvantaged when trying to find a safe, stable home. In collaboration with charity AKT, we shine a light on their appalling treatment.
The Oscar-winner accused the Stranger Things star of "lying" in her recent interview with The Sunday Times.
Campaigners said his founding of the scouting movement “can be no excuse for his documented homophobia, racism and enthusiastic support of Hitler".
LGBTQ viewers accused the daytime talk show host of being homophobic and transphobic after some eyebrow-raising remarks.