We’ve always been here, there’ll always be queers, so isn’t it about time society got used to it?
The demonstrators wanted to support the queer community 'in a way that no one would ever suspect'.
'This vindicates the position taken by the film team all along.'
In my country, gay people can only live freely when they hide their love, but I don't want to be silent any more
Racist songs and chants are already banned in Britain, and many believe it's time homophobia followed suit.
I’ve been harassed in bars and at festivals, chased through streets and heard every homophobic word under the sun - but the violence I’ve experienced is by no means unique
30 years ago this summer, the government’s ban on homosexuality in schools was about to fail a whole generation of young people
The deep-rooted homophobia in many countries stems from the homophobia that Britain exported and entrenched