Insecam Shut Down: Webcam 'Spying' Site Closed, But The Owner Wants A Job

A website which provided access to live footage from thousands of insecure web cams - unbeknown to their owners - has been shut down.

The site, which was hosted but not necessarily created in Russia, was formed with the ostensible intention of "raising awareness" of webcam security.

In reality is appeared to be a hut for voyeurs and, latterly, journalists.

Well now the programmer who built it is looking for something a little more straightforward: a job.

The still-anonymous owner replaced the Insecam website with a message that says "Programmer looking for a good remote job".

It also has a list of skills and an email address.

At its height Insecam provided access to thousands of cameras, including about 600 in the UK.

The cameras whose feeds it hosted can still be accessed with the right software, however. Most are accessible only because they have no or default password protection, and it's up to the owners to edit the settings.

The BBC reported that the site's owner did not consider himself a hacker.

Russia hacks UK webcams

How To Protect Yourself: By Tech Editor Michael Rundle

Do you have a webcam that you're not sure is secure? Then you have two options.

First is follow this series of advice from security firm Kaspersky Labs:

Start by securing the device that provides access to the Internet – your router. Change the default administrator password. Ensure that it’s using WPA2 encryption. Switch off SSID, so that the name of your router isn’t broadcast to anyone within range. Change the default password for any other devices you use – baby monitors, webcams, printers, etc. Ensure your mobile devices are fully protected with security software (Android, mainly).

Now, be aware of rogue apps. In particular, check the permissions that an app asks for when you’re installing it. Be aware that mobile devices are easily misplaced and lost. By using a secure password or initiating a finger-scanning application on your mobile device, it makes it far more difficult for a hacker to gain access to the device. Only connect to secure WiFi hotspots. When you’re browsing the internet in a coffee shop, you may be connected to a hacked network, allowing hackers to sniff your web traffic and get into your device.

The second is to do this:

tape webcam