Sony Pulls Hideously Embarrassing PS Vita Ad

The New PS Vita Ad Is Awful In Too Many Ways

Sony has swiftly pulled a new PS Vita ad from its YouTube account and while we haven't been given an official explanation as to why it's not hard to imagine a few reasons.

The ad is embarrassingly suggestive with an attractive female doctor suggesting to the viewer that they have been doing too much of something.

While it won't take a particularly large leap of the imagination to work out what that 'something' might be it turns out that actually she's talking about the PlayStation 4's Remote Play feature.

The ad is regrettable for two reasons, the first of which being the obvious: that it's just blushingly sexist. The second of which is that Sony really don't need to make ads like this.

With an industry that has now well and truly shown itself to be blossoming well past the historically accepted stereotypes of gaming this is a depressing leap backwards in time.

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