Baby Harmonie-Rose Allen Loses All Her Limbs To Meningitis - But Still Has A Smile On Her Face


A one-year-old baby has had her arms and legs amputated because of meningitis.

Harmonie-Rose Allen has lost all four limbs and the tip of her nose and could suffer with long term vision and motorskills problems.

But despite what she has been through, she has managed a smile for her mum and dad and is on her way to recovery.

Harmonie-Rose was struck down with potentially deadly bacterial meningitis just 10 days after taking her first steps in September this year.

Doctors gave her just a 10 per cent chance of survival.

But her parents, Freya Hall and Ross Allen, from Bath, Somerset, say her strength of character pulled her through.

Freya, 20, told her local paper: "She knows what she wants. She has got her smile back. Ross and I are extremely proud of Harmonie, she has come so far and fought so hard to be here with us.

"We will make her life as amazing fulfilling as we can. She's our perfect little princess and she will always be perfect."

Harmonie-Rose's mum and dad first noticed something was wrong on Saturday, September 27, when their daughter woke up in the night coughing and unable to breathe.

Doctors sent the anxious parents home twice, saying Harmonie-Rose merely had a virus.

But the baby girl became floppy and lethargic and this time the tell-tale rash that indicates meningitis was spotted.

Freya said: "The nurse acted very fast and within seconds her room was filled with doctors and nurses.

Every time we looked at Harmonie she was becoming covered with more purple like bruises.

"The doctors told us she would lose the tip of her nose and that was only if she survived. He told us he was very worried about our little girl and that she may not survive. My whole life was turned upside down within a second."

Harmonie-Rose has had more than 10 operations and is now out of immediate danger, but she is still waiting for her wounds to heal after her amputations.

Right now, the family aren't sure if she will be home for Christmas and they are taking things a week at a time.

Since her diagnosis, friends, family and members of the public have been raising funds to help Harmonie.

To date the Help4Harmonie appeal has raised more than £60,000, which will be used for rehabilitation, hydrotherapy and home adaptations.

Freya added: "Hope4Harmonie have just hit the £60,000 mark and it's incredible. Thanks to our families who started it.

"The support has really helped and it's overwhelming. People from all over the world are supporting Hope4Harmonie.

"Life will never be easy for Harmonie but knowing we have this kind of support fills me with warmth that Harmonie will lead as normal life as possible."

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