Christmas Presents For Girls Aged 12 To 14

Bishop's Stortford, England
Bishop's Stortford, England

If you're buying Christmas presents for a girl aged between 12 and 14 this year, our festive gift guide can provide you with a burst of inspiration.

The tween and early teen years are when most youngsters start developing a strong sense of individual identity, which is all well and good but can make present planning a bit of a nightmare. Gone are the days when any old annual or cuddly toy was a perfectly acceptable gift!

We've tried to reflect this diversity in our choices for our 2014 Christmas gift guide, with something to suit girls of all tastes and personalities, from Youtube-loving couch potatoes to sport addicts who never sit still.

As this is an age where girls often love nothing more than having a few friends over to listen to music or watch a movie, we've included ideas like a popcorn maker, and a selfie stick (yes, really!) to capture the fun at the best possible angle.

Whatever your tween or teen girl is into, you're sure to find some great present ideas in our festive gift guide. Check out our top picks in the gallery below!

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