Christmas Presents For Kids Aged 3-4


Looking for ideas for Christmas presents for toddlers aged between three and four years old? We've scoured the shops to bring you a great selection of toys to suit all budgets.

Children aged three to four will be beginning to really get into the swing of Christmas. Throughout December they will be eagerly opening advent calenders and diligently listening out for the bells on Father Christmas's sleigh as it flies by.

They will also be starting to develop their own ideas about what they want for Christmas, so, if you're buying for friends' children or family members, it's worth asking their mum or dad for suggestions before heading out to the shops.

Toys that inspire imaginative play or role play are sure to be a big hit, as are creative toys such as art sets or building blocks.

Pre-school aged children will have begun to show a preference for certain TV shows and films, - Frozen is a pretty safe bet, especially among children with older siblings - but for every Frozen fan there's another child who can't bear to hear 'Let It Go' one more time, so make sure you find out about the child's likes and dislikes before choosing a branded gift.

Older toddlers are full of energy, so toys that encourage them to get active and burn off steam will be greatly received by most parents.

Click through the gallery below for fun gift guides for toddlers aged three to four.

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