25/11/2014 06:49 GMT | Updated 25/11/2014 06:59 GMT

‘Coronation Street': Ian McKellen ‘Wants To Return For Another ‘Corrie' Cameo'

‘Coronation Street’ fans will all remember Ian McKellen’s famous cameo as Mel Hutchwright in 2005, and by the sounds of things, the veteran actor is keen to return to Weatherfield.


The ‘Lord Of The Rings’ star fancies returning as conman Mel, according to his close pal and ‘Corrie’ star Antony Cotton.

coronation street

Ian and Antony on-set in 2005

Speaking to Digital Spy, Anthony stated that Sir Ian’s cameo was the “greatest” in soap history, before adding: “Ian did say to me, and I'm going to put this out there, 'I think it's about time that Mel Hutchwright maybe made a reappearance'."

Anthony, we couldn’t agree more.

"It was a brilliant storyline,” the actor continues. “It was written especially for him and he was playing a scoundrel. It had a start, middle and an end, and it was with amazing characters - John Savident, Barbara Knox, Eileen Derbyshire and Malcolm Hebden. That was a very special cameo.

"I think ‘Corrie’ doesn't need cameos, but when one comes along like Ian playing Mel Hutchwright, then it's glorious because it's meant to be and it's not shoehorned in."

At present, the ‘Corrie’ cast are getting ready to celebrate their 60th anniversary with a live episode, and we think roping in Sir Ian for another special appearance would be the icing on the cake.

‘Coronation Street’ isn’t the only soap going live next year, as the ‘EastEnders’ cast will also be ditching their prerecorded format to celebrate their anniversary in February.

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