Festive Families To Spend £822 This Christmas - With Two Trees!


Christmas will be a two-tree affair for families this year as they spend, spend, spend on the biggest festive spree since the recession began.

The British Christmas Tree Growers Association (BCTGA) says families have more money in their pockets which they'll splash out on more – and taller - trees.

In the past, the average household was happy with a 6ft tree, but apparently the demand this year is for 7ft and 8ft trees. Where are people putting them?

And according to a YouGov survey, every household will spend an average of £822 this Christmas, an increase of seven per cent on last year.

Harry Brightwell, secretary of the BCTGA, said: "It could possibly be because we're finally coming out of the recession and people have more money in their pockets.

"People are wanting not only taller trees, but a smaller tree as well as a big tree, so they can have one for their living room and one for their dining room or entrance hall to make the whole house festive and not just one room.

"I think people want to give their house that extra bit of grandeur for Christmas.

"With such high demand, it's a good thing we've had a good growing season this year. With the mild weather, the trees have grown really well and are looking good."

Harry added that prices were about the same as last year, with a 7ft Nordmann Fir costing between £44 and £55 and the cheaper Norway Spruce of the same height costing about £25.

Vincent Thurkettle, 58, who has a Christmas tree farm in Great Hockham, Norfolk, told the Telegraph: "'People want trees which go from floor to ceiling. I think the economy is picking up and there is more money about.

"We are also finding people are keen to buy narrow, space-saving trees. They want it to be a feature in the room but they don't want it to dominate."

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