Free Climber James Kingston Scales Southampton Uni Halls In Terrifying GoPro Video

If the video of free climber James Kingston scaling Southampton University's halls of residence doesn't make your stomach churn then you've get a stronger one than us.

The Southampton local ascended the 12 stories of Mayflower Halls with a GoPro camera strapped to his forehead. He leaps from scaffolding to rooftop, and nimbly climbs on construction equipment, while being filmed by his friend Spencer Clift.

The dare devil previously angered Cambridge University after partaking in some parkour across the institution's rooftops.

While the rest of us gazed on in awe, Cambridge told him off for "trespassing".

"I don't see how I could possibly hurt anybody else," he previously told HuffPost UK.

The freerunner started in 2007 after "a very tough time" at school. "I needed something to focus on and Parkour filled that space perfectly."

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