James Kingston, Parkour Performer, P*sses Off Cambridge University

Parkour Performer P*sses Off Cambridge University

Most of us mere mortals gape in awe at the incredible feats of parkour performers, but not Cambridge University. Oh no.

The party-poopers have accused one very talented daredevil of "trespassing and endangering the public", the spoilsports.

James Kingston, a 22-year-old from Southampton, had already racked up a fair few YouTube views from his stomach-churning stunt on a crane (have a gander at the bottom of the article), when he swivelled his dextrous feet in the direction of the spires of Cambridge.

Don't look down... Kingston dangles from the crane in Southampton

In his latest YouTube video, Kingston leaps and bounds from building to building, seemingly indifferent to the perils of gallumping across rooftops. And while us street pedestrians gaze on in wonder, Cambridge University has got its knickers in a twist, citing that well know foe, health and safety.

"Not only is it trespassing, but endangering public health and their own health," a spokesperson said. "We would not encourage the activities from the video in any way."

But Kingston's adamant his antics, which are fine-tuned by parkour specialists Ampisound, are public-friendly. "I don't see how I could possibly hurt anybody else," he told HuffPost UK. "I chose Cambridge because it's rooftops and places to train are incredible. I also have some good friends up there."

The freerunner started in 2007 after "a very tough time" at school. "I needed something to focus on and Parkour filled that space perfectly," he explains.

Kingston's hair-raising stunt in Southampton

And so, what's next for the adventurer?

"Well I'm off to Germany in a couple of weeks so that should be fun! I can't really give any specifics but several locations in the UK are on my list to shoot at."

Well, we await his next video with baited breath and, of course, a cushion to cover our eyes in case it gets too scary.


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