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#Seagull trending on Twitter has been amusing to say the least. My unique surname and University Challenge "fame" has gained some recognition in Cambridge - apparently I'm the 8th most recognisable student name in Cambridge (a so called "BNOC", Big Name on Campus) according to a Cambridge Tab newspaper poll.
Over those two hours, I was allowed to be silly, to escape from the adult world and into the world of this toddler. Even though it was brief, it was very much needed. Kids aren't that scary, it turns out. You just need to be brave enough to think silly, to not make sense at all, and to have the courage to put a chocolate snowman on your porch in the middle of summer.
There are plenty of people who'll tell you that if you don't go to a 'good' university there's barely any point going at all. There's no point, they'll say, studying something obscure at some uni no one's ever heard of.
As I grew up, I realised that superheroes really did exist. They don't wear capes or spandex, though. You won't seeing them flying in the clouds, riding neon-coloured cars, or swinging across buildings. Some of them wear stethoscopes, some of them wear a uniform and some we will never know their names.
But we have come too far to go backwards. We have woken to the notion that consent and respect must be entrenched in the way we treat both girls and boys from the very beginnings. And whether it is in media, in schools, in our homes, or on the streets, we must all speak out loudly against the small, 'harmless' transgressions that ultimately put women at risk. We must not return to slumber.
In the upcoming weeks, the ancient, picture postcard cities of Oxford and Cambridge will become filled with the next generation
'If there really is a God, I will get a Monkman toy for Christmas.'
One viewer even made some fan art to mark the occasion.  Seriously, people are obsessed.  It didn’t take long for viewers
Healthy dogs are euthanised five days after they are rescued by US shelters so they can be sold to UK universities to teach
We finally have a contestant that matches up to Eric Monkman.
And the opportunity for bird jokes... Seagull and his team are currently storming towards the final - earlier this week, they
The students say party-goers shouted 'f**k you Jew, you don't belong here'.
A Cambridge University college has denied allegations that it covered up anti-Semitic abuse after Jewish students claimed
Medicine is about treating the patient as a human being - to alleviate symptoms, to calm their worries, to address their concerns. It's about treating Paul, the man bearing the full brunt of life's storm. Not Paul, the patient with irregular bowel habits.
The legendary Warwick rowers better watch out - their reputation as the buffest (and most charitable) students in the UK
They join the likes of Bobby Moore and David Beckham.
Sir Bobby Charlton. Bobby Moore. David Beckham.  All of these men have been inducted into the National Football Museum’s