Frozen Mania: Christmas Shoppers Strip Pound Store Of Merchandise In 10 Minutes


Frozen mania caused Christmas shoppers to strip a new Poundworld store of all its Disney movie merchandise within 10 minutes.

Hundreds flocked to the newly opened discount store intent on bagging a festive bargain, grabbing anything they could relating to the blockbuster animated movie.

Staff at the Milton Street shop in Nottingham rushed to restock the shelves with baskets full of cups, lunch boxes and advent calendars but they were sold out after just 10 minutes.

In the chaos, some shoppers were passing items back to other parents behind them because people could not reach anything through the masses.

The new store is the biggest 'pound shop' in Nottingham, creating 30 jobs, and is expected to have up to 10,000 customers visit this weekend.

Louise Camfield, 32, from Bilborough, was one of the scores of parents trying to grab a bargain.

She told her local paper: "It was really claustrophobic, I thought about walking out. I spoke to another lady and we came up with a plan to get all the Frozen stuff.

"We told each other what we wanted and were handing it to one another.

"I am sick to death of Frozen. If it was expensive I wouldn't get it but the prices here mean that if my kids lose or break it, as toddlers do, it won't matter."

Another mum, Emma Cox, 27, from Forest Fields, was waiting in the queue to get into the store.

She said: "I've bought all of the stuff from the Disney store, I'm here for stocking fillers.

"I'm going to buy all of the Frozen stuff off the rack in one big go."

Student Leigh Smith, 19, who lives on Milton Street, saw the chaos from his home and decided to go across the road to see what the fuss was about.

He said: "We live opposite and we've been watching it develop, I didn't expect it to be this busy.

"There's quite a few pound shops in town and on the high streets already but it's a student's best friend."

Darren Hitchcock, Poundworld's regional manager, was at the opening and he said: "We like to think we're the Harrods of pound shops.

"If you look around this doesn't look like a pound shop, this is a quality shop with branded merchandise where we can pass on the value to customers."

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